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imagesFebruary 28, passed a large Assembly workers activists JSC MangistauMunaiGas (MMG), in which they expressed their desire to join in the Mangistau regional Independent Trade Union «Aktau». At this event, working openly stated that bosses official yellow unions affiliated to the state Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan do not protect their interests, betray, going into an agreement with the administration is violating the Collective agreement and Charter of the trade Union.

One moment in this day entered into the independent trade Union at once more than a hundred people. Several hundred people joined in the last few days. And this is only from enterprises MMG. The same situation of dissatisfaction with the official trade unions have formed companies and service companies in the area, which also is in the process of mass leaving the official trade unions.

On the same day, February 28, already in the evening there was a meeting of the asset working JSC «Karazhanbasmunai», where oil companies have expressed distrust of the leadership of his trade Union, which is behind working in violation of their Charter signed agreements with the industrial Union of oil and gas industry, built on top of the administration «KazMunayGas» (KMG) after execution of the workers in Zhanaozen. Oil this company, where the strike began in may 2011, also took the decision to join an independent regional Union «Aktau».

Working in Karazhanbasmunai» outraged that professi merged with the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan, which was not even admitted to the International trade Union Confederation (ITUC) for their undemocratic entity and support execution in Zhanaozen and policy of repression of oil. At the same time, the workers appreciated the work of the Union «Aktau» convergence in the framework of the Union «Zanartu» with the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), which from the outset supported the oil workers ‘ strike and participated in the campaign of solidarity.

Total distrust and anger towards the official trade unions are now expressed in mass output of these associations in almost all the enterprises of the oil industry in the region. Especially pushed this process the position of proposal when the distribution of profits and premiums by the end of 2014, when, as it turned out, they themselves independently, without the knowledge of the primary organizations were decided with employers these questions, pushing against the workers of different departments and depriving the unwanted put bonuses.

Interestingly, this process would take advantage of the representatives of the Confederation of trade unions of Kazakhstan (cftu)  headed by President Larisa  Kharkova, which recently secretly came to the region and tried to talk with the workers. However, no support from the oil companies they have not received and no one in their Union never came. It also suggests that the oil industry is quite aware of share trade Union in yellow, pink and red and understands the necessity of class trade unions, and no associations with high-sounding titles «available», who betrayed them already in the 90th years, supporting mass privatization, pension reform and the destruction of the social system.
Despite the fact that she Larisa Kharkov and its «fraternal» organization in the face of the Confederation of Free trade Unions of Ukraine and the Confederation of labour of Russia has repeatedly stated that repressed support of the oil industry, however being in the region, she never met with recently released from prison strike leaders  Roza Tuletaeva, Maksat Dosmagambetov and families of those killed and injured workers!

We will monitor these very progressive events and change in the attitudes of workers, which again are very serious, especially after the outbreak of policy reductions in premiums, reduced benefits, and cuts in social service in the oil and gas industry.

Information service of the Kazakh worker Union «Zanartu»

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