Главная » Солидарность » March 19 the court decided to release the last two oil workers in Zhanaozen!
From right to left: Rose Tuletaeva, Naryn Zharylgasynov, Kanat Zhusipbaev

From right to left: Rose Tuletaeva, Naryn Zharylgasynov, Kanat Zhusipbaev

March 19 court Aktau decided on parole last two remaining imprisoned oil workers of Zhanaozen — Naryn Zharylgasynov Kanat Zhusipbaev convicted of involvement in the nearly eight-month strike of workers in 2011. Apparently, a series of exemptions oil associated with starting early presidential election, when the authorities want to give the appearance of softening his regime.

This is a joyous occasion for all trade union activists working «Zhanartu», Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan, for all those who actively participated in the campaign for the release of convicted oil workers in Zhanaozen. Done a lot for the release of activists of various leftist and trade union associations, in particular the World Federation of Trade Unions, their actions and rallies in different parts of the world.

Special thanks freed comrades expressed Mangistau regional trade union leaders «Aktau» that were constantly in touch with them and support, and Paul Murphy, a former Member of the European Parliament for the Socialist Party of Ireland (CWI), the initiator of three resolutions on Zhanaozen, numerous conferences and events in support of the convicted workers.

After 15 days, both will have finally released and will arrive in Zhanaozen, where they will meet their colleagues and comrades, as well as the union leaders «Aktau». For all the oil it will be a happy day when you can already gathered forces to begin a new phase of struggle.

It is clear that this is not the end of the campaign. We will fight to the full rehabilitation of the convicted members of the heroic strike of oil workers demanding than economic demands nationalization of the mining industry under workers’ control, trade union freedom and the creation of a single class oriented of trade unions and his own party.

We are forced to remove oil from the label of «thugs» who are fighters for the cause of the working class in Kazakhstan! Remains relevant and demand an independent investigation into the shooting of 16 December 2011, torture and disappearance of strikers and locals.

Information Service Kazakh workers union «Zhanartu»

Photo: From right to left: Rose Tuletaeva, Naryn Zharylgasynov, Kanat Zhusipbaev



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