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1325675068_1Following the abolition of MPs recourse payments, the government intends to adopt a new Labour Code, which significantly worsen the situation of workers and employers will have additional opportunities to conduct legitimate super-exploitation of workers.

«Gift» workers from the newly elected Nazarbayev

The new Labour Code will be developed in Kazakhstan in the framework of the so-called «liberalization of labor relations» of the plan of the nation — 100 concrete steps to implement the five institutional reforms of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, published Wednesday in the official media.

Recently in Astana invited representatives of independent trade unions, which have shown some government proposals in the framework of a development project, and even they caught my eye as much as possible to facilitate the authorities ‘desire to fire workers, cut back and so minor workers’ rights in the provision of holidays, compensation and benefits.

Previous amendments in 2012, after the shooting of oil workers entered already cut additional compensation for overtime work, in fact, eliminated the right of pregnant workers to preserve their jobs and to receive other benefits. Employers already been facilitated by the possibility of active use of short-term employment contracts and termination or non-extension of individual employment contracts.

Now the project will be even more draconian associated with the ability to increase the working week to 60 hours without any additional payments by the employer. The Code also creates the opportunity to hold mass lockouts in the case of «illegal strikes» and promotion of «illegal demands» that has already been used during a mass strike of oil workers in Mangistau.

It is possible that the new Code will be introduced rules governing the maximum wage ceiling for working professionals in various sectors, as the government intends to adopt a separate law in this regard to prevent the imposition of collectives requirements to increase wages. To start the new rules will be put into the oil and gas industry, and then extended to the whole economy.

Such innovations are aimed at maximizing cheaper labor in the country, in order to strengthen «Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship Support», I mean the additional assistance of Chinese and Western oil companies, the empire Lakshmi Mittal, the president’s «Kazakhmys» corporation, «Kazzinc», «Eurasia Group» and other mining companies.

Labor Code as part of the general course of anti-social reforms and mass privatization

To release the employers and the state from the burden of social costs associated with disability, receipt of occupational diseases, physical regression of workers in connection with the work in the most difficult conditions underground, in hot shops and in adverse weather conditions, the government is also planning radical measures.

The first step has already been taken in this year’s controversial amendments to the Labour Code, Civil Code, where miners and disabllties production left only minimum pensions, depriving them of recourse payments, which accounted for a significant part of all social benefits to tens of thousands of former miners. Now they want to put it into the system, replace allowances miserable handouts in the form of lump-sum payments under the sauce «targeted assistance».

Here is what they write about themselves, government officials in his text the plan: «In the framework of 100 steps to implement the institutional reforms planned five optimizing social assistance . Social assistance will be provided only to those citizens who really need it. The State Address able-bodied social assistance to low-income citizens will be granted only if their active participation in programs promoting employment and social integration.»

By this we must understand also a significant reduction in or cancellation of payment of benefits to unemployed citizens and their use in low-paid jobs. Such acquisition is not accidental, as a result of the cuts and the closure of hundreds of «ineffective» enterprises and organizations will be thrown out into the street, tens of thousands of workers. The adoption of the new Labour Code is closely connected also with the conduct of other anti-social reforms and mass privatization.

The plan itself «100 steps» or «Nurly Zhol», and before that the concept of a «society of universal labor» implies the privatization of health-care, education and other social services, which will inevitably lead to a new wave of unemployment in the country, especially people close to retirement age. That they are now calculated the new standards and cuts in social spending.

Now it becomes logical for the government implementation of long-cherished plans to raise the retirement age for men from 63 to 68 years, as in all the 30 most developed countries of the world! Therefore, the past increase in the retirement age for women is not the limit, as illusory getting funded part of pensions through the decades, when the means of a single pension fund were transferred to private banks as long-term loans.

Class dictatorship

All these anti-labor measures and actively lobbied the Kazakhstan Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (KSPP) «Atameken», which was previously headed by Azat Peruashev and now runs an middle son in-low Timur Kulibayev. These proposals, which form the basis of most anti-social reforms and laws that are based on neo-liberal economic concept of maximum cheapening of labor, developed and proposed even Mikhail Prokhorov, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) head in 2010.

Naturally, to hold a «modernization» of industry and achieve higher profits in the global drop in commodity prices, Kazakhstani and foreign companies will not due to the introduction of new equipment and technologies, and by increasing production quotas, increase working time, increase the retirement age for by maximizing the reduction or freezing of wages, that is, due to muscle health and lives of workers.

Operating weight completely disenfranchised people will be even more sophisticated in the grind of a giant meat grinder, and then throw it in the trash mutilated without pensions and benefits. It is a manifestation of undisguised class dictatorship narrow handful of the big bourgeoisie, in a country which ground creepy and all of the most radical neo-liberal reforms, against the workers and 90% of society.

Obviously, the big industrialists, the oligarchs and top officials in Kazakhstan are one. In-law headed Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, father is the president. At the same time family clan Nazarbaev holds a significant stake in the «Kazakhmys», «ArcelorMittal Temirtau», «KazMunaiGas», and in the majority of so-called «foreign companies» where the Kims, Mashkevich, Mittal are just general business Elbasy cashiers.

Therefore, the «corporate» state is the guardian of the interests of monopoly capital in the face of 20 mega-holdings, which form more than 80 percent of GDP, as well as those of American, Chinese, German, British and other companies, for decades, plundering the country’s mineral wealth and completely forgotten the payment of the natural rent.

It is no coincidence that it was in anticipation of all these innovations, adopted a new Criminal Code, which introduced norms for punishing participation in «illegal strikes», for organizing and participating in unregistered parties and trade unions, for taking part in unauthorized rallies and meetings for calls for the «illegal strike» enhanced penalties for «inciting social discord» for the organization, participation and calls for a «riot.»

The law «On the Ministry of Internal Affairs» police officers are allowed to shoot at the protesters and strikes without warning! The new law «On Trade Unions» generally puts an end to the possibility of establishing independent trade unions from below. Set rigid vertical of state «trade unions» on behalf of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan headed by former akim (governor). Trade unions, which do not enter into the republican branch trade unions will be in court this year are closed.

In fact, the workers completely disarmed, deprived of the right to strike, to hold their own meetings, to establish their associations, free from the dictates of the employers and authorities. As of the moment the workers rejected the position of the late 19th century with the destruction of the fundamental gains — an eight-hour working day, when any economic demand higher wages, better working conditions, reduce the rate of exploitation equated to especially dangerous crimes.

The political struggle on the agenda

In a situation of legal prohibition of independent trade unions, it is impossible to create new associations, a total ban demonstrations and strikes, the working class is no longer any other way than the radical class struggle and active participation in the political process, through the creation of its Working revolutionary party with a socialist program that sets the problem is a fundamental change of the political system and economic model in favor of the majority.

Powerful political potential of the labor movement, the ruling clique noticed long ago, so the new Criminal Code, the Administrative Code, the Law «On Trade Unions», amendments to the law «On the Ministry of Internal Affairs» and other measures that enhance the repressive machine, directed against the workers, and especially against the teams of mining companies. Zhanaozen showed the ability of the working class to organize itself, to the formulation of the most radical social and political demands such as nationalization of industry under the control of labor groups, the creation of his party and the federation of trade unions of class, calls for a general political strike.

To divert the attention of the working people of the country to accept the government draconian laws in the course are and nationalist groups that try to divide workers on ethnic, linguistic grounds and the grounds of residence, as well as fake unions and intelligence services bribed workers and employers. Therefore it is necessary to conduct a relentless struggle with the nationalists of all stripes, from the traitors and compromisers in the labor movement, working on the growth of political consciousness and the training of new staff, new labor leaders.

Activists of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan and independent trade unions and working groups should be ahead of this process, explaining and promoting the idea of creating their combat Workers Party, creating a local public organizations and associations that serve this purpose. The very objective situation of dictatorship will push labor groups to the political struggle, to the politicization of the requirements in a country where even the question of wage increases, it becomes a political issue.

The actual ban of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, the defeat of the liberal Fronde leave the labor movement only social and political force, capable of challenging the regime capable of confusing card oligarchs and play the role of an independent, consistent and implacable opposition. In many countries right-wing dictatorships in Latin America, Africa and Asia, it is the workers’ organizations and their leaders were the main participants in the liberation movement.

Break the shackles of slavery, back selected rights and social conquests, restoring the old labor relations is impossible without radical political struggle, without the creation of its Working Party without its socialist program reforms and the nationalization of industry, without a major invasion of the rights of private property without seeking to take power!

Ainur Kurmanov,
Member of the Central Committee of the union «Zhanartu», co-chairman of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan

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