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1434262255_1904099_941469642541701_7080062245529385991_nFor what future we fight? 

The future can be only those trade unions that conduct working policy. This was said by the delegates of the 9th Congress of the Labour Confederation of Russia (KTR), which was held in Moscow on 20-21 may 2015 KTR relatively young Trade Union Association, founded 20 years ago. However, it consists of all of the most notable fighting the unions of Russia (dockers, seafarers, air traffic controllers, MPRA -Interregional Union Workers Association, Defence of Labour, new trade unions of teachers, doctors, university professors, etc.). KTR, in turn, is part of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), bringing together more than 180 million workers in different countries.

For what future we fight? At the Congress of the KTR was attended by the President of the ITUC J. Felicio, which persistently invited officials from trade unions FNPR system (Mikhail Shmakov) at their event, but comrade Felicia chose the KTR Congress. The President himself ITUC originating from Brazil, went from worker to a prominent trade Union and political figure. In his welcoming speech, in particular, he drew attention to the fact that all human rights are indivisible from the right to strike, because the only way a capitalist society can achieve the realization of all other rights. The level of democracy, said Felicia, is determined by the freedom of strikes, not a law lowering the ballot. According to this criterion, the United States cannot recognize the democratic government, the country with the authoritarian regime, where the real rights and freedoms only to the capital.

Annually in the U.S. for the trade Union organization and strikes kill more than 50 activists. The number of trade unions has been steadily declining (currently there in the unions comprise only 12% of employees), the gap between rich and poor is getting bigger. Similar problems exist in the EU. Next, Felicia on the example of the Brazilian experience urged the Congress to be actively involved in the political struggle, to match the economic struggle of the working class with a General policy aimed at improving the welfare of all social groups and strata of society.

For what future we fight? A good and true message, but what is the term, i.e. the ultimate goal of the struggle? The President of the ITUC J. Felicio believes that because capitalism and real socialism does not solve all the problems of the working class, need to find a third way. I think the representatives of the Communists working with this promise cannot agree. Because in practice, the search for a third way means abandoning the ideas of the socialist revolution and leading trade unionists to run in a circle. The history of the struggle of trade unions in Western countries confirms this. Ultimately, the concept of the «third way» favorable to the bourgeoisie, because it is impossible to find something that is not.

For what future we fight? We understand that trade Union activists who have been fighting the terrorist dictatorships «national» bourgeoisie, especially acutely perceived the question of democracy. «There is a right to strike — is democracy, not dictatorship». Of course, the right to strike is an important conquest of the workers. This tool must fight to master, and where not, to win and universally applied. But if we are conscious workers, the aim of the liberation struggle of the workers against exploitation, that is, the overthrow of political and economic domination (dictatorship) of the bourgeoisie, we must fight against this domination, which would seemingly «democratic» form of this domination was not wearing. For visually appealing «classless» simple formula «democracy or dictatorship», cunningly hiding disguised periodic regime shifts dictatorship. Hiding the economic basis of this dictatorship – private ownership of modern means of production.

For what future we fight? The crisis of the trade Union movement in almost all countries (the exceptions prove the rule) is associated with bourgeois understand the exploited masses of workers imposed notions of «rights» and «freedoms». The times of bourgeois rights and freedoms that were progressive in the era of the struggle against the remnants of feudalism, have faded into history. Capitalist imperialism, not only American, but also any other features a solid reaction, is undivided, unconditional domination of the bourgeoisie over the proletariat. So the illusion of democracy imperialist bourgeoisie workers need to be overcome. The path of liberation from bourgeois ideology arose the world Federation of trade Unions (WFTU), which calls for the unity in struggle of all workers, including those that unlted ITUC. All the great gains of the workers was the result of just such an uncompromising class struggle with the bourgeoisie.

The heroic struggle and victory of the workers over the open terror of the bourgeoisie, as, for example, in Brazil, should be continued to the end. This perspective for the purpose of trade unions, along with daily economic struggle for the advancement of workers, should be the development of organized economic, political and ideological struggle of the working class, aimed at the conquest of power, that is democracy for workers, establishment of absolute power for migrant workers themselves. In other words, the dictatorship of the working class until the liberation of society from the exploitation of people by people. So the question that we are experiencing an era of reaction before labor movement is: or proletarian democracy, or the «democracy» of the imperialist bourgeoisie. Or the dictatorship of the proletariat or the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. There is no third option. Wrestling and organized workers — are serious people, they will be able to distinguish the choice of the real from the imaginary. From this choice, ultimately, determines the fate of the KTR. 

For what future we fight? Apart from the President of the ITUC trade Union forum was attended by «VIPs» from the Government, power and social structures. In his speech, Deputy Minister of labor and social development of the Russian Federation L. Eltsova official cited some startling statistics economic situation of the workers. Real wages in 2015 decreased by 9.8 %, and those paid by many to the delay, the number of unemployed rose to 4.5 million people, there is the issue of informal employment, etc. etc. How will the Ministry to deal with this by Madam Eltsova didn’t, but assured that in 2020 the situation will be corrected. A lot of indignant questions sounded representatives «punitive» system – state inspection on labor, the Prosecutor’s office, the Ministry of internal Affairs. All the answers were in the style of «you write to us again, and we will understand». What caused the ironic laughter of the hall.

How to solve the problems of the workers spoke of speakers, delegates, members and supporters of the ROT FRONT A. Etmanov, S. Malencov, P. Prenev , etc. comrades. They suggested a more proactive commitment to working policy, including using the tools of bourgeois elections. Moreover, the delegates adopted a new edition of the Charter of the KTR, which defines the subject of its activities and participation in elections at all levels. 

For what future we fight? Speaking on the Defence of Labour comrade S. Malencov told that for ordinary workers to participate in the elections, on the initiative of the Russian Communist Worker Party was established and registered as a political party unit class forces ROT FRONT. Reported that the leadership of the FRONT offers activists KTR use this form for participation in public policy up to form a list of candidates and building a campaign. 

The Congress adopted a number of relevant resolutions, reiterated his main task in the struggle for liberation from exploitation, elected new governing bodies. In the conclusion of the Congress on the initiative of A. Etmanov, supported by the President of KTR B. Kravchenko, the delegates sang the revolutionary proletarian anthem «The Internationale».

Is there a future for the KTR? It depends on the policy of the leadership of KTR, and more — from the workers of Russia. Potential KTR huge, it needs to learn to use for the development of the class struggle. This is the main task of Communists and conscientious workers in the trade Union movement.

From editorial board June 13/ 2015

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