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11870892_10206591691844617_164659817408961685_nAugust 3 in the specialized economic court of Almaty, it was decided to eliminate the oldest of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, which is a landmark and turning point in the political history of the country. CPK  was also the last opposition party, which was not a satellite party of the current regime.

Neither the government nor the official press has not commented on this decision, and indeed the date of the ban CPK was chosen, namely during the holiday season and full of political calm. Previously, the work of the party quietly was suspended on December 25 last year, just before new year’s holidays for  six months. Then the country was scheduled early presidential elections.

Officially the CPK  was eliminated because of inconsistencies in its numbers the law «On parties», allegedly due to the fact that it is thirty-eight thousand people instead of forty. Although the party has submitted a list of fifty eight thousand members, the Ministry of justice considered these figures to be invalid.

Before the court officials take illegal selective checks of certain branches, and in the official press started a campaign against the party. Some provocateurs and agents of the CNB (National Security Committee)  held a press conferences demanding the closure of CPK  and announced to the small number of regional branches of party.

CPK was suspended in 2011 before the parliamentary elections for their support of the strike of oil workers in Zhanaozen and for joining the Popular Front, created on the initiative subsequently prohibited party «Alga». Then the suspension was extended for another six months.

We have said that the desire of the authorities of Kazakhstan to close the Communist party, is a long course, at the initiative of Nazarbayev personally, and within the general policy on the fight «with the totalitarian heritage», with the aim of destroying the organization with communist ideology in the country.

Today, CPK is prohibited on the eve of the early elections to the Majilis of Parliament of Kazakhstan, which will be held tentatively at the end of this year. In all regions have already formed a new electoral commission, which was not allowed even the representatives of the loyal National Social-Democratic Party (NSDP).

It is clear that on the eve of the scheduled elections and constitutional changes, the only opposition party eliminated to prevent the participation of communists in the election campaign. Ban of CPK also associated with growing socio-economic crisis, cuts in wages, jobs, new anti-social reforms of the government and the general decline in quality of life of Kazakhstan citizens.

It is surprising that instead of words of support and call for an international campaign of protest, Zuganov’s  UCP-CPSU escaped with only a lengthy recommendations to the CPK members to unite in one party with members pronazarbaev’s and artificially created in 2004, the Kosarev ‘s Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan (CPPK).

It would be a suicidal step final liquidation. We therefore call upon the communists to fight for the abolition of this ban and for the revival of CPK!  No confidence in Kosarev’s CPPK, by the government, for spoofing and deception of voters! The Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan will support this struggle and invited members of the CPK  joint front for resistance  anti-worker’s  plans of the government.

We call on all left-wing organizations and parties to be held in their countries pickets and protest actions in front of diplomatic missions of Kazakhstan or to send letters and messages of protest to the administration of President Nazarbayev and his government! The only requirement is to cancel the prohibition of the oldest Communist Party of Kazakhstan!

The Political Council of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan


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