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1434413807_aaf79b77868a14af2cec58d0169As a result of increased raw material economy of the crisis, the global decline in oil prices, currency devaluation and rising cost of living, an offensive by the mining companies and big business on the rights of all Kazakhstan workers in the country, it was inevitable. Particularly acute class struggle is now unfolding in the Mangistau region, where he again raised the question of life and death of trade unions, and the entire labor movement.

It hits all the workers

In Mangistau region now really developed tense. It is connected with the beginning of mass dismissal of workers and downsizing, everywhere there is a reduction of the working week and working hours. This is especially true of foreign companies such as «Sibu», «Halliburton», «Emir Oil» and others.

Hundreds of oil workers have been laid off. Previously, many were sent on administrative leave. And now they are withdrawing from vacation and immediately fired. Naturally, this practice could not cause dissatisfaction among the workers and residents of the region.

For example, the company «MangistauMunaiGaz» abolished many paying beneficiaries. Workers’ “KarazhanbasMunayGaz» reported that the possible reduction in work on watch up to eight hours. All foreign companies that work in each of at least a thousand people, and previously signed memorandums of avoiding cuts, which are now generally not met by employers.

It became obvious that the adoption of memoranda of paper was a ruse and deception of workers, while companies, particularly foreign ones, and did not intend to implement them. Now these declarations are simply thrown in the trash bosses.

In connection with the entry into force of the Law «On Trade Unions» and the adoption of the new Labour Code, the workers did not actually receive any protection, and now the existing official trade unions are between a rock and a hard place as from disgruntled oil workers and by employers.

Now workers are looking for other ways, even those who previously did not show any activity and consist of the official trade unions. Those who were dissatisfied taken by the Labour Code and expressed his position, fall under the steamroller of persecution. Special blow accounts of activists and leaders of the oil workers.

In defense of Amin Eleusinov and trade unionists who opposed the Labour Code

The most obvious case — is once again open a criminal case against Eleusinov Amin, who is the chairman of the trade union in the company «Oil Construction Company», with more than two thousand people. Several months ago, he became the initiator of the collection of signatures against the adoption of the new Labour Code, including oil, which gathered more than 33 thousands of autographs in various fields and factories of the region.

Oil workers of Mangistau rise to fight!September 7 the delegation led by Amin Eleusinov visited Astana to treatment and handed over the collected signatures to the presidential administration, demanding to remove the discriminatory provisions in the draft of the new Labour Code. This was the trigger for the resumption of repression and accusations by the police and authorities of misuse of union funds.

As in the beginning of the mass strike in May 2011, the Chinese employers, special services and local authorities are also actively intervened in trade union activity the trade union committee of JSC «KarazhanbasMunai» arresting union office, cash, print, and all documentation. Then a few weeks later he was arrested on trumped-up criminal case «for inciting social discord» and trade union lawyer Natalia Sokolova.

Now history repeats itself, until the details! To date, the leaders of the trade unions «Aktau» and «Zhanartu» addressed the workers of these enterprises, and journalists to support persecuted activists. And to their credit. Our comrades have taken the right decision, spoke in defense of trade union activists and their leaders, despite the fact that they are made in other associations, and in particular in the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan – official union.

This is a fundamental aspect of the class policy for the whole of our association, to provide solidarity and support to all those who fight and oppose anti-labor law «On Trade Unions», against the new slavery of the Labour Code, who defends the rights of labor collectives, no matter in what industry or national federations they work.

Therefore, the trade union «Aktau», as well as trade union «Zhanartu» in general, declared its accession to the campaign to protect Amin Eleusinov, and together with him, and all trade union activists, who are now exposed to pressure from the employers and authorities. In this situation, we consider the pursuit Amin Eleusinov politically motivated and demand the closure of the criminal case.

The union «Zhanartu» intends to bring the facts of the persecution to an international level, and being a member organization of the World Federation of Trade Unions, to appeal to his leadership with a request to initiate a campaign to counter the persecution of labor activists oil sector of Kazakhstan, as well as discriminatory against the adoption of the Labour Code.

We protect all and intend to unite into a single broad front with those who are trying to counter the policy of cuts, wage cuts, the elimination of labor rights and the implementation of anti-labor laws. Although it is the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, as well as branch trade union official and had to support its member organizations and their leaders.

In fact, we see a completely different position the top of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, which openly betrays its members, as it was during the mass strike of 2011, and is doing everything to weaken the workers’ struggle against the introduction of the new Labour Code.

Consolidation to coordinate common actions

This again suggests that the now developed just such a situation when it is necessary to consolidate all trade union groups and labor activists all Mangistau region, regardless of union affiliation. This is even more important in connection with the introduction of the new law «On Trade Unions», which puts an end to all independent trade unions of the country and the region.

Oil workers of Mangistau rise to fight!Now we have to discard the emotions, the old hostile relations between the individual trade union leaders, to develop a common strategy and tactics, especially to counter the anti-labor decision of the Labour Code and employers use its discriminatory provisions.

Actually the last year were in the process of negotiations and discussions with different groups of workers, trade unions and individual authoritative activists in order to develop a common platform for this consolidation. Moreover, we are not talking about creating yet another bureaucratic structure, and the formation of the Center for coordination and advancement of unified requirements to the government and the oil companies.

Now this union has created at the level of Zhanaozen, and then will be formed Coordinating Committee at the level of the entire region, which will include almost all the organizations and groups of Petroleum and where democratic means will be discussed issues related to further the fight against cuts in wages, layoffs, elimination of benefits and deteriorating working conditions.

In oil and their leaders have a clear understanding that without such a consolidation and coordination of joint activities they will be inevitably crushed by the steamroller of repression and employers and their organizations will be destroyed one by one. Criminal cases opened against Amin Eleusinov, leave no one has any illusions.

Not by chance in many fields and enterprises below were initiated re-election campaign the leaders of the trade union committees, especially those who have risen in the wake of protests 2009-11 simply betrayed the interests of collectives sided with the employers’. Work is now pushing its proven activists to consolidate its position and this shows that the fight for trade unions developed with even greater force.

This form of self-organization in the form of a single Working Committee has almost been established in November 2011, the seventh month of a strike at the founding meeting of representatives of all groups of the area, but was interrupted by the bloody events known and massacres. Now the workers do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past and seek initially to strengthen ties, solidarity and overall coordination of their actions. This Coordination Committee becomes the only option and the most convenient form under the existing restrictive law «On Trade Unions».

This is an important step in the institutional revival and restoration of the workers’ movement, and it will affect the minds of the working people all over the country. Mangistau, in this sense, is once again becoming the forefront of the whole struggle. 

Ultimatum oil «OzenMunaiGaz»

The determination of oil to remove appointees bosses especially manifested by the example of report-election meetings in the «OzenMunaiGaz» — OMG, where groups seek to elect its own chairman. Since June 5, it has already held an emergency conference of the union of OMG in Zhanaozen, where the majority of the delegates voted in favor of one of the leaders of the oil workers strike of 2011 Akzhanat Aminov. In fact, in such a way to support it, they opposed the transformation process and the separation of business units.

Oil workers of Mangistau rise to fight!However, as it became known on Akzhanat Aminov was exerted enormous pressure from the management of «KazMunaiGaz» — KMG, the officials area, law enforcement agencies, with the result that he was forced to give up the post of chairman. In particular, it became clear that against him issued a threat to send back to prison. The fact that he was sentenced to three years probation for «inciting social discord» during the strike in 2011.

As a result, illegally holds the presidency finally discredited Nauryzbai Saktaganov who participated in the massacre of labor activists unconditionally and pursued a policy of bosses «OMG». In response to this oil put an ultimatum, demanding that he leave his post. Otherwise, after October 12, more than five thousand people during a shift change at the central train station in Zhanaozen are ready to hold a job for an hour and hold a rally demanding the resignation of the chairman of the trade union committee of the hated.

Fuel to the fire were planted by representatives of the official trade union of oil and gas industry that October 5 arrived from the neighboring city of Atyrau ( location of the TU head office) in Zhanaozen, where staff meeting «OMG» campaigned for the introduction of the new Labour Code, and diligently protected Nauryzbay Saktaganov. This caused a storm of indignation and anger. The workers not only booed the union leaders, but also openly declared that they will resist until the end of the adoption of the Labour Code and sabotage throughout its provisions.

Furthermore, at this meeting oil companies announced that they would send a delegation to Astana, an appeal which will be offered to Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs Dariga Nazarbayeva to come to the region to visit and hear the views of the workers about taking the Labour Code. Moreover, it asked the leaders of the trade union «Aktau» to go along with them to present their petition.

Protecting workers’ rights — it is the workers themselves!

Now workers of Mangistau region have realized that all these laws, whether it’s the law «On Trade Unions» or the Labour Code adopted in the interests of order and big capital. Devaluation of tenge (national currency), inflation, rising prices for all kinds of products, services and fuel actually depreciated current wages of workers in the mining industry, and later all of them expect slavish existence and even greater impoverishment.

Oil workers of Mangistau rise to fight!Therefore, there is simply no other way other than union and uncompromising struggle. Accordingly, the protection of workers’ rights — it is the workers themselves and it should be based on the principles of international class solidarity and proletarian internationalism, which is an outpost in the world of the World Federation of Trade Unions under the leadership of General Secretary George Mavrikos.

Kazakhtan workers trade union “Zhanartu»calls for:

— All workers to take part in the campaign to protect Amin Eleusinov and union activists for their principled stance in combating the adoption of the Labour Code!
— No confidence in bosses and corrupt union yellow oil and gas industry and the leadership of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, betraying their members!
— The consolidation of all the trade unions and working groups of the Mangistau region in a single focal point to democratic representation, for open discussion and coordination of common actions, to develop common demands to the government, companies and local authorities.
— To actively resist anti-labor decision of the Labour Code, taken in the interests of mining companies and big business!
— To unite with the neighboring oil industry Atyrau, Aktobe, West-Kazakhstan region and other areas!
— To nominate a slogan nationalization of all the country’s mining industry under the democratic control of labor collectives!

The Central Committee of the Kazakhtan workers’ union «Zhanartu»


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