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WFTU_logoTo: The President of Kazakhstan, Mr. Nazarbayev N.A.

Subject: The International Class-oriented Trade Union Movement denounces the policy of the Government of Kazakhstan against labour, social and trade union rights


The World Federation of Trade Unions has been informed that on October 7, the lower house of the Republic of Kazakhstan Parliament adopted the government’s draft of the Labour Code, which significantly impairs the rights of workers in the interests of employers eliminating many social guarantees. This draft Labour Code will be discussed for adoption by to the upper house of Parliament next month.

If this new Labour Code is adopted the freedom of trade union activity and their ability to protect workers from the arbitrariness of the employer will be further limited. Working hours can be changed without the employee’s consent and without significant compensation and benefits. The dependence of the workers wage will be more dependent on the employer’s will. The employer may enter an unlimited number of fixed-term contracts and may dismiss an employee during the probation period.

The employer’s will be allowed to lock-out a case of «illegal strike» and to proceed to massive cuts in the event of a fall in production. Rights of young professionals and people with disabilities in the draft Labour Code are not taken into account.

In general, it is clear that the new Labour Code is designed to reduce the cost of labor in the country, to facilitate the dismissal of workers, to provide an huge increase in the rate of exploitation, to increase working hours and lower wages, to attack the freedom of association.

The World Federation of Trade Unions is concerned about the reopening of the criminal case against the Chairman of the Trade Union of “Oil Construction Company”, Amin Eleusinov and reports in regard to trade union activists in oil Mangistau region in Kazakhstan who are under pressure from the authorities and employers in relation to their active position and statements for the complete withdrawal of the new Labour Code. The WFTU is concerned

The harassment against the workers and trade unionists in Magnistau region began after they had collected more than 33,000 signatures of workers in various oil companies against the adoption by Parliament of the government draft of the Labour Code and in September 7th they had delivered the petition to the presidential administration in Astana. The interference of the Government in trade union activities and the attempt to intimidate trade unionists must stop.

The WFTU is also highly concerned that all trade unions in the country who are not registered under the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan are threatened with closure through the courts. The new law «On Trade Unions” contradicts many international norms and conventions signed by Kazakhstan. About six hundred trade unions can be liquidated as a result of the policy of the government.

At a meeting of the 104th session of the International Labour Conference in June this year in Geneva, the Committee on the Application of Standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) said that the government of Kazakhstan to limit the freedom of association of workers, which is a violation of the Convention (№87 International Labor Organization «On freedom of association and Protection of the Right to Organise «). The Conference adopted the recommendation of the Government of Kazakhstan to amend the country’s legislation, but in the end they were ignored.

The World Federation of Trade Unions denounces the fact that the Government carried out a policy of criminalization of trade union struggle, the tightening of the labor legislation, the actual prohibition of strikes and any action in support of demands for higher wages, better working conditions and revision of collective agreements.

The WFTU denounces this policy against freedom of association and demands the immediate end to the persecution of trade union activity. Hence, the Secretariat of WFTU an international trade union Organization of 92 million workers in 126 countries has taken the decision to  provide support and international voice to the militant trade union Organizations in Kazakhstan whether they are registered or not.

The World Federation of Trade Unions calls upon the President of Kazakhstan to suspend the Labour Code under consideration in Parliament. The World Federation of Trade Unions calls upon the President and Government of Kazakhstan to respect democratic rights, trade union freedom and the collective bargaining process and to form policies that satisfy the people’s contemporary needs for better working and living conditions.

The World Federation of Trade Unions, expresses its solidarity and support to its member-organization «Zhanartu». WFTU will continue to provide the platform to “Zhanartu” to continue to bringing the above facts to the international community and international organizations.


Yours sincerely,

George Mavrikos,

General Secretary

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