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12249714_721192111315519_7712115224384555031_nThe participants of the meeting are of the opinion that the intention of bourgeois authorities of Kazakhstan to ban the Communist Party is a result of the politics by the former member of CPSU CC Politburo Nazarbaev that he has pursued over many years, these politics aimed at destruction of organizations with communist ideology in Kazakhstan.

The ban on the Communist Party of Kazakhstan took place on the eve of extraordinary elections to the lower chamber of Parliament. Now these will be satellite parties only that take part in the elections, the parties that totally approve of the market reforms, privatization and the destruction of the social system. By this move the authorities and the big bourgeoisie make it impossible for communists and working people’s representatives to take part in the elections and to defend their rights.

In the past the work of CPK was suspended by court decisions on a number of times. For example the activities of the party were suspended before the parliamentary elections of 2011 because CPK had supported the lengthy strike of oil industry workers in Zhanaozen, whereas the participants of that strike had been shot down on 16.12. and their leaders arrested. The participants of the meeting believe that the attempts to destroy Communist Party of Kazakhstan represent the appearance of dictatorship and the suppression of the citizens’ political right to establish parties. Apart from CPK there have been banned all oppositional parties, unions and independent media whereas many popular Internet sites are blocked.

The ban on CPK coincides with taking into effect the new anti-workers law “On Trade Unions”. As the result of this law by court decisions there will be closed more than 600 independent Trade Unions. Many of the unions have either lost their legal status or were denied official registration. Strikes and peaceful meetings are forbidden and Kazakhstan, whereas their participants will be prosecuted in accordance with the new Criminal Code and could be sentenced to lengthy imprisonment terms.

Simultaneously with the ban Parliament of Kazakhstan adopts a new Labour Code. This Code that has never been discussed with either working people or Trade Unions deprives workers of all their rights. All this means that the ban on CPK is directly tied to the deepening social-economic crisis, cuts of slaries and working places, new antisocial reforms by the government and the general decline in living standards there. Working people are denied the right to have their political representation and the access to legal forms of struggle against anti-social measures of the government and the arbitrariness of employers.

The participants of the meeting find it essential to take part in international campaign of solidarity with Communist Party of Kazakhstan’s struggles.

The participants of the meeting demand that the government of Kazakhstan should cancel the ban imposed on the oldest Communist Party of Kazakhstan as well as all the discriminatory measures aimed at denying working people the right to unite themselves in Trade Unions, political parties, to carry out meetings and strikes.

Istanbul, 1 November 2015


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