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tk8c0flbtsy1-300x225Nazarbayev signed November 23 passed by Parliament on November 5 the draft Labour Code, which deprived the workers of Kazakhstan almost all rights. It made them allegedly in the implementation of the plan «100 concrete steps» to implement the five institutional reforms aimed at modernizing the industrial relations system.

This action fits perfectly into the concept of a «society of universal labor», developed by the president in early 2013, which provides the maximum «liberalization» of the labor market, which implies the removal of all legal restrictions on the establishment of rules of operation of the employer, wages and in layoffs.

Government is now launched on all levels of the contractual relationship between masters and collectives, where the first will always be in pole position and impose their employment rights. At the same time, even the rights and powers of the official trade unions relegated to zero, and the strike is impossible, and equated to a criminal offense. The Criminal Code already contains provisions punishing for organizing and participating in «unlawful strikes» incitement to him for «inciting social discord» and participating in illegal meetings and rallies.

For almost a year a new law «On Trade Unions», which violates many international conventions and covenants signed by the Government of Kazakhstan and Nazarbayev signed that complements the Labour Code. According to this law is unrealistic to create new independent of the employers’ association of workers, and will continue to be covered by the court.

The new Labour Code is aimed at maximizing cheaper labor costs in an increasingly global capitalist crisis and the fall in prices for oil and metals. Falling commodity economy and the profits of mining companies are going to stop working due to over-exploitation and destruction of the social security sistem.

The truth is already 136 companies have switched to a flexible mode of operation, sending their workers on forced leave. Many are without pay. In the oil sector going to lay off more than 40,000 oil and more than 70 other industries. All this is happening against the background of large-scale privatization of the remaining assets of state property, commercialization of medicine, education, and government plans to raise the retirement age again.

We have already said that this is a manifestation of an open class dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, and the umpire is epitomized by Nazarbayev, who became one of the largest owners of mining companies in Kazakhstan, and for 25 years a vast fortune. Slavery of the working people in the interests of this small group of participating in the plunder of natural resources of the country.

Change the balance of class forces can only be unified, organization of consistent labor policy and the construction of his own party workers, capable of assuming power and to change the vector of development of Kazakhstan. As in 2011, are relevant now more than ever demands and slogans heroic striking oil workers of Zhanaozen:

— Full freedom of trade union activity and strikes,
— The nationalization of industry under the control of labor collectives,
— Creation of a new class-oriented trade unions federation
— Formation of a private political party.

The political council of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan


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