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Leader of «Amanat» Andrey Prigor

February 28 in Astana, secretly from the public and from journalists, but with the permission and under the tutelage of government agencies, there was a constituent «congress» of the next pro-governmental trade union «Amanat», initiated by special services. At this event there were already eight (!) People, and the leader was expelled from Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan (SMK) and class-oriented  workers’ union «Zhanartu» for drunkenness, immoral behavior and provocateur activities Andrei Prigor (pictured). His right hand was a well-known journalist from Zhezkazgan and a member of the Committee for the Workers’ International (CWI) Berik Zhagiparov.

«Congress» — during the mass arrests and surveillance under the nose of the presidential administration.
It is interesting that the founding congress of «Amanat» was held in Astana, for which even a conference hall was rented in one of the hotels, but only eight people with Prigor were on the event. And this «congress» took place at the peak moment of arrests of journalists and public figures, conducting searches in offices of public associations in Almaty, organized provocations against civil activists. It is noteworthy that on this day on February 28, famous oppositionists Max Bokaev and Talgat Ayan were delivered to Petropavlovsk jail, and from January 20, Mangistau oil industry leaders Amin Yeleusinov and Nurbek Kushakbayev sit in the jail of the same Astana.

It is surprising that searches are conducted at the offices of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Kazakhstan in Shymkent and in Aktau, criminal cases have been brought against many trade unionists, dozens of oil workers are on hunger strike, and the authorities in this bacchanalia of repression freely give the opportunity to hold a «congress» In a hotel in the center of the capital! Very noteworthy, is not it?

This is despite the fact that as a result of harsh measures and harassment by the special services, activists of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan, and other opposition and human rights organizations, it has been gathering for many years either in Bishkek or Moscow, and activities inside Kazakhstan are constantly being broken by the secret services, Except for the untouchable  Nationwide social democratic party (NSDP). Recently, searches have even been carried out even in the office of the “Justice” movement, detaining all those who conduct the action, whether it’s a picket, a meeting, a prize giving ceremony, reading Abai verses near monuments, playing dombra in Almaty park and even those who only think about participation in a peaceful assembly, and here under the nose of the presidential administration — a whole «congress»!
For the unenlightened reader for reference.

To create such an organization, if it is a trade union organization, it is required: Creation of primary trade union organizations, then creation of a local trade union organization that will include primary organizations from various enterprises, and the creation of a primary organization should cover not less than 50% of the number of employees of the enterprise. After the creation of a local trade union, this trade union must become part of the branch republican trade union, and only after passing this procedure is created the Republican Association (Union) of Trade Unions, which includes hundreds of trade union organizations of the country.

If Prigor and his colleagues held a congress on the formation of an association of legal entities, in this case at least 9 regions and cities of Astana and Almaty should have been present at the congress as the founders of the organization; instead, eight individuals attended the congress. In the presence of 8 individuals, not only the Republican Union of Trade Unions or the Association of Legal Entities, it is impossible to create a simple public association  (PA), because for the creation of a PA, at least the presence of 10 adult citizens of Kazakhstan is required. Such a number of participants in the «Congress of the Republican Trade Union “Amanat» was not found. But for all that, in all likelihood, Prigor and his «Amanat» will pass the state registration and the fate of the party DVK, ALGA, ROO ALGA, the trade union «Zhanartu», the party «JUSTICE» and many others will pass them. The main thing in this business is who stands behind all this and the goals pursued by these special services.

All the organizational expenses for the event, the rent of the premises, the travel of the participants, business trips, etc., were paid for by Prigor himself, although he had previously complained to everyone that he lived poorly and asked everyone to help him, even sent letters with associates to various organizations, indicating that It’s «A shout for help.» True, Prigor regularly collected from the participants of the «congress» and tickets, receipts, checks and other documents, for reporting to their customers from the authorities, for spent public money. This event of the pseudo-organization «Amanat» was organized with the knowledge and instructions of the Kazakh special services to try to tear off its affiliations and activists  from the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Kazakhstan (CFTU RK), after a vile betrayal of the leaders of the CFTU. As a result of this betrayal, the activists of the labor movement Amin Yeleusinov and Nurbek Kushakbayev turned up in the dock.

It should be recalled that in the same scenario, in 2015, the same pseudo-organization of the Committee for the Workers’ International (CWI) in Almaty and Zhezkazgan was created. There, newly-minted activists of the Kazakhstan section of the CWI, Andrei Prigor, Berik Zhagiarov and Esenbek Ukteshbaev, tried to convince the emissaries of the Secretariat of this organization from London that everything is in order in Kazakhstan and the problems are only in testing missiles at Baikonur due to the harmful effects of heptyl and the need for language development.

According to Prigor,  Ukteshbaev, Zhagiparov,  there are no other problem in Kazakhstan. There is no impoverishment of the population, no unemployment, no drop in production, no Chinese expansion, no persecution of the opposition, journalists, human rights defenders and other dissidents, there is no closure of newspapers and the liquidation of opposition, human rights and trade union organizations, no introduction of paid medicine and an increase in retirement age for women, There are no tortures, there is no arbitrariness between the police and the KNB, there is no tightening of the legislation and the application of punitive psychiatry to dissidents, there are no criminal prosecutions of citizens, for their position and disagreement with the ruling regime, and also there was no execution of civilians in Zhanaozen.

Here too history repeats itself 100% only to deceive the international trade union structures in order to show the absence of political repressions in the country and the favorable situation in the trade union movement, as well as to learn the «insidious» plans of the «decaying» West and the «vile» International Trade Union Organizations and «Mean» of the «International Labor Organization» (ILO), daring to declare that the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Law «On Trade Unions in the Republic of Kazakhstan» do not comply with the norms of International Law, contain clear signs of discrimination and violation of human rights! Also in the case of major strikes to try to seize the leadership of these performances and let off steam. Another task of Amanat (special services operating through Amanat) is the complete destruction of the structures of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Kazakhstan on the ground.

The main thing for the creation of pseudo-opposition organizations, pseudo trade unions, pseudo Trotskyists, pseudo Communists in the person of the Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan (CPPR) , as well as the creation of clone associations with the same name is aimed at weakening international pressure on the Kazakh regime. With the ban of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan (CPK), the authorities are now trying to introduce into their international organizations their artificial communist organization, where the same persons will be figurants. After the introduction of Andrei Prigory and Berik Zhagiparov in the CWI, the CWI activities ceased and the activity of «Campaign Kazakhstan» abroad was completely curtailed.

So with the creation of «Amanat», the authorities intend to replace on the international arena the defeated Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, to its artificially created and fully controlled «trade union organization».

Berick Zhagiparov
Consider these two characters — Andrei Prigor and Berik Zhagiparov, who are the main figures of this pseudo-association. Firstly, a complete political omnivorous character data.
The first Berik Zhagiparov, testified to the investigators of the National Security Committee on his boss, Russian nationalist Alexander Belov-Potkin from Moscow, who previously worked zealously (for money), and then acted as a prosecution witness at his trial, testifying via Skype in the Almaty city court building. As a result of his testimony Belov-Potkin received 7.5 years of imprisonment, where one of the charges was «allegedly» the preparation of insurrections and riots in the territory of Kazakhstan.

Prior to that, Berik Zhagiparov safely went to the seminars of Belov-Potkin to Moscow and received financial means from him. And this did not prevent Berik from handing him over to the secret services and at the same time joining the Committee for the Workers’ International. For non-believers, we attach an indictment to the publication, where Berik Zhagiparov appears as a witness of the prosecution. The same can be confirmed by Belov-Potkin’s lawyers, this is also reflected in the protocols of interrogation to the KNB investigators.

Representative of the CWI in Kazakhstan Berik Zhagiparov

Here is what is written in the indictment, and also duplicated in his testimony against Belov-Potkin: «Potkin A.A., acting in concert with Miloserdovy P.K. on a preliminary conspiracy in circumstances not established by the investigation, received in the Skype program of the information and telecommunication network the Internet, not a pseudonym used by a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who is oppositional to the state authorities, Zhagiparov B.K. Editor of the Youth newspaper published in Zhezkazgan, after which he contacted him and drew him to the leadership and participation in the extremist community and the commission of extremist crimes by the frightening of coordinating joint activities aimed at preparing and holding mass protest actions, including the shares appointed to hold 16 December 2012 in various regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including in the city of Zhezkazgan, where he lived Zhagiparov B.K., as well as providing recommendations for their mutual Getting Preparations and holding, giving instructions about the publication of «Youth Newspaper» with biased articles nationalist orientation with the aim of sharpening inter-ethnic relations and creating social tension in the region … «
«Participating as active members of the headed by A.A. Potkin and Miloserdovy P.K. extremist community citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sizov M.V. and Zhagiparov B.K. refused to participate in it and reported on the plans of the organizers of the extremist community who planned to hold mass protest actions in various regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, providing for counteraction to police officers, law enforcement officers (the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan) taking the necessary measures to prevent them « .   More you can read in the resolution of the resolution_Potkin

We are not going to justify the activities of Belov-Potkin here, but you will agree that it’s base to take money from him and work under him, and then hand over to the special services. In addition, the political unprincipledness of Berik Zhagiparov is striking, who officially is one of the leaders of the Trotskyist organization of the Committee for the Workers’ International (CWI) and at the same time was Belov-Potkin and simultaneously preaches the ideas of Kazakh nationalism. How can this be understood?

Convicted former DPNI leader Alexander Belov-Potkin

Before that, back in 2013, Zhagiparov sent a videotape to the editorial office of the site www.socialismkz.info allegedly entering the troops in Zhezkazgan and Satpayev, where the workers’ speeches were. On the check, the soldiers of the Airborne Forces on video were only participants of military exercises as early as 2012 under Kapshagay. But our publication was accused of forgery, and the site itself was again blocked for several years inside Kazakhstan. This lie, once again showed us who he really is. And notice no one in the CWI, because of his nationalist views, never accepted!

Moreover, it could not do, knowing that he was for years not paid salaries to its employees to Youth newspaper, which even sued him for unpaid wages. Especially because Zhagiparov constantly involved in sorting and redistribution of property within the corporation «Kazakhmys», and criminal organizations and individuals, where he was attracted to drain compromising and information campaigns.

He took up defending on behalf of the human rights organization, an activist of the independent trade union Tabynov, and despite the fact that the defense organization of Tabynov was paid by a human rights organization, Zhagiparov managed to take money again from Tabynov himself. It says about his moral qualities.

After giving evidence to the investigators of the KNB (NSC), Zhagiparov was allowed to register the Public association “Parasatti El”. But in vain you will search on his Facebook page and on the website of his organization «Parasatti El», though something related to leftist ideas and views or to the propaganda of the CWI or criticism of the Nazarbayev regime. Do not see, do not even try!

Andrey Prigor

Another person involved – Andrey Prigor previously positioned himself as a Russian nationalist, was a member of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan (CPK), and was later incorporated into the trade union organization «Zhanartu». What is interesting after its introduction on the post of the first secretary of the Akmola regional committee in the Communist Party of Kazakhstan — the party was closed.

The Conference on the election of Prigor az Secretary of the Akmola regional Committee of the CPK held in police custody and the KNB (NSC), members of the current composition of the Akmola branch of the CPK and its acting secretary, the meeting was not allowed. Immediately after the election of Prigor as chairman of the regional commity, during the inspection of the party’s activities by the Ministry of Justice of the RK, Prigor sent lists of members of the branch of the party to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Instead of one and a half thousand members. Prigor provided representatives of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan with a list of only twenty-five members of the party, a list of his friends. This deception, or rather provocation, served as an official reason for the Ministry of Justice to liquidate the Communist Party of Kazakhstan in the future.

Andrey Prigor, Head of Sector A, Social Liberal Party of Kazakhstan

In the same way, for several years Prigor was working on the disruption of the registration of the trade union «Zhanartu», right up to the introduction of the new Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On Trade Unions» according to which trade unions can not receive state registration a priori. If it had not been for Prigor’s expulsion from the ranks of the Zhanartu trade union, the organization would have completely ceased to exist. The same story happened with the Committee for the Workers’ International. KNB introduced him to the CWI, he headed it, and the CWI did not!
Prigor was expelled from the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan and the Zhanartu trade union for the systematic appearance at meetings in a drunken state, for insults to his comrades, for the savage beating of his own wife in a drunken state (he injured his spine, kicking his feet, lying on his wife’s floor), for sabotage and sabotage work on the registration of the trade union «Zhanartu» and public events and protest actions, as well as for statements about the need for ethnic cleansing in Kazakhstan!  (The court’s decision to beat his wife Prigor: The decision of the court of Prigory-st. 79-3-ch.2-1-1)

We could not keep in our organization a man who stated that he would kill people according to their nationality. And now he is leading, the secret services created by the special services, the front organization of the Committee for the Workers’ International in Kazakhstan! With complete absence of any ideological and political principles, Prigor is simultaneously a Trotskyist, a liberal, a Stalinist, a democrat, a communist, a nationalist and a chauvinist. This versatile political vector of this figure. How can Andrei Prigor be the leader of the pseudo-organization of the Trotskyite International in Kazakhstan and at the same time the leader of the «sector A» of the Social Liberal Party?

In order to understand what the nature of Podgor is, it is necessary to trace its activity:

With the entry of Prigor into the CPK, the Communist Party  ceased to exist. With the entry into the trade union «Zhanartu», due to the activities of Prigor, the state registration of the trade union has been disrupted.

After the expulsion of Prigor from the Zhanartu trade union, letters were sent to the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) with the discrediting of the asset «Zhanartu», and also with the message that in the ranks of Zhanartu and in its leadership (co-chairman) is a member of the opposition party «ALGA «That» Zhanartu «is a bunch of oppositionists and a proposal by the WFTU to refuse to cooperate with» Zhanartu «.

But at the same time, as union activist Mukhtar Umbetov told us, in addition to working with Georgios Mavrikos from the World Federation of Trade Unions, Andrei Prigor also actively cooperates and works with Kirill Buketov from the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). That is, and in the trade union movement sits on two chairs!

After the appearance of Andrei Prigor in the Coalition of Human Rights Defenders, sabotage of the coverage and support of the trial of human rights defenders Max Bokaev and Talgat Ayan opposed the sale of land to China. Apart from the sabotage of the trial (the Prigori and his friends never visited the court sessions on Max and Talgat), a letter to the tax committee from the «unknown» member of the Coalition unexpectedly appeared. According to this letter, the financial activity was suspended and the accounts of the organization supporting Max and Talgat and monitoring the trial were arrested.

Arrival of a member of the CWI Secretariat Claire Doyle to Zhezkazgan to Zhagiparov and Prigoryu in July 2015

Surprising is another circumstance that Andrei Prigor beat his wife in a drunken state, injuring her spine, and waiting for an administrative court, managed to visit Russia, Portugal and other countries and there were no restrictions and bans on exit, for Prigory did not exist, as well as material difficulties he did not experienced.
This activity of Prigory did not stop there.

We, the activists of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan, using our connections in the EU and Russia, organized support for Bokaev and Ayan at the international level. There were organized protests against the criminal persecution of M.Bokayev and T. Ayan, in a number of European countries and Russian cities, negotiations were held with the deputies of the European Parliament and national parliaments of states (from leftist organizations and KKE) of Europe, with the leadership of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) The leadership of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) and Russian human rights defenders.

As a result of the work, the faction of the European Parliament deputies sent a request to the leadership of the European Union and Mogerini personally, demanding an impartial investigation into the persecution of Bokaev and Ayan, with the same statements made by KKE, Russian and International human rights defenders and organizations and Mps. After that, traditionally the leadership of the KKE (whose EU deputies made a request and sent a protest to the leadership of the RK on the persecution of Bokaev and Ayan) received a letter from Prigory in which he called us provocateurs that we misinform everyone on the situation with Bokaev and Ayan.

After the release of Ablyazov from prison, Prigor broke out in recognition of an unprecedented love for the Ablazians and Algians, writing on social networks, so that the Algians and Ablyazov remembered that they had a friend, that is, they had a friend. He is Prigor. He left this message on the  Marat Zhanuzakov Facebook page. But, nevertheless, he did not remove from his page on the FB, the post in which Zhanuzakov, as an Algovian and Ablyazov, was accused of all the most terrible and immoral sins and deeds.

Now Prigor and his comrades left for the city of Shymkent, where Larisa Kharkova, the former president of the CITU RK, (who betrayed the union and her associates and condemned them to criminal prosecution) lives in order to enlist her support and take control of the remains of the organization who have not yet were determined with a choice.
What unites Prigor and Zhagiparov? There is only one thing in common: They never criticize the first person of the state, they never support anti-government statements and do not participate in anti-government actions, they never speak or speak out in defense of the victims of the events in Zhanaozen and in defense of persons who opposed the sale of land to China. Not just do not act, but their goal is to nullify any initiative coming from the active part of citizens.


And now they pursue three goals:
1. Take control of workers and organizations that do not want public administration, and deprive them of any initiative and activity.
2. Full control over the relationship of trade unions is not included in the official pro-governmental trade-union organizations, with foreign trade-union associations.
3. Show the «decaying» West and the entire international community and progressive humanity that the «supposedly» independent trade unions function in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and this is done thanks to the good will of the Kazakhstani regime.
We call on all trade union activists at home and abroad not to believe this special project «Amanat».
Dear oilmen! Do not succumb to promises, persuasions and threats to join in this pseudo-unity, since it was created by special services!
Your leaders Amin Eleusinov and Nurbek Kushakbayev did not betray you!

Application: resolution_Potkin

The decision of the court of Prigory-st. 79-3-ch.2-1-1 Решение суда Пригорь-ст.79-3-ч.2-1-1


Source: http://socialismkz.info/?p=17545

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