Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan for active boycott!

The country is in full swing unfolding farce called «early presidential elections», where the result is known in advance and the undisputed «winner» will be Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev – protégé of Nursultan Nazarbayev and the big Kazakh bourgeoisie. It is intended to strengthen the throne by keeping the ruling family in power and its rule is only a cover for the establishment of dynastic succession of power.

Pravticheski we see a kind of triumvirate led by Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is the permanent head of the security Council, who has not gone anywhere, Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev, depicting the President and Dariga Nazarbayeva, who heads the Senate of Parliament. According to the Constitution, it is Dariga who has the right to take the presidency at any time in case of death or resignation from his post Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev.

That is, it is necessary to consider Tokayev as a temporary compromise figure, designed to distract from the real establishment of the monarchy. He only holds a chair for the same eldest daughter, and also for sons and grandsons of Elbasy. Therefore, it is not elections, but imitation of elections. In this situation, there can be no support for any of the seven candidates nominated by artificial public associations and parties. The last opposition party – the Communist Party of Kazakhstan was liquidated by the court in 2015.

In this situation, the only correct line can only be a boycott. Our activists and activists have already stated the need for a boycott, and we confirm this position with this statement.

Already now there are various Pro-government journalists, social activists and other bloggers who call to come to the polls and support Amirzhan Kosanov or Akhmetbekov from knpc, but not to give the opportunity to vote Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev or anyone else. These activists say that the boycott is senseless in these conditions and will only allow the regime to freely arrange its Affairs.

Do these well-wishers not understand that the results of the elections have long been predetermined? Don’t know about the technologies that allow the authorities to get guaranteed programmed voting results? Know! They know better than any ordinary voter!

However, they call people to take part in humiliating performance with already known results, having given thus credibility to this action. Everything is clear with state employees, students and employees of large enterprises, who will be driven out of the sticks to the polling stations and forced to take pictures and send their ticks in the ballots. But why to drag to ballot boxes of people who don’t submit directly to officials and employers? This power wants to involve and part of society in their Scam to confirm their participation own legitimacy and the right to permanent dictatorship.

We say that there are no even formal elections in Kazakhstan for a long time and under the current regime there will not be, as there will be no legal opposition parties and independent trade unions. This farce is not only without choice, but it is not even inherently a manifestation of will, despite the presence of external attributes. Participation in one form or another in this performance is shameful, and the call to vote is a game in favor of the ruling family and pandering to the creation of the khanate!

And in this situation, only a passive boycott can be ineffective. We really say that you can not sit at home and just silently abandon the campaign at the polling station. Our task is to reveal the farce with the «elections» in all possible ways and at every corner! That is, we must make the most of the remaining days of the «election race» to actively expose both the «candidates» and the entire policy of the ruling clique to establish a dynastic system in the country.

It is necessary to designate the various social, environmental, and civic demands to the authorities, and to social protest, to create enterprises and institutions of the initiative group on the organization of the «disaster strikes», to initiate a campaign of civil disobedience, and to use any mass congestion of people for campaigning to expose the plans of the President reports.

The only thing that remains for the workers, workers and all the masses is the struggle for fundamental socio-economic and political changes, as well as the creation of their organizations and movements in order to build an independent class policy and conduct strikes, rallies and protests. This means that we must not now fall into the trap of bourgeois oligarchic forces or nationalist associations, which, with the financial support of the authorities, are flourishing all over the country.

We must fight not just for a «parliamentary Republic» and formal equality, but for a complete breakdown of the entire socio-economic system of oppression and robbery, which implies:

Immediate nationalization of the entire mining and large-scale industry of the country under the control of labor collectives;
Revision and cancellation of all subsoil use contracts with Western and Chinese corporations, classified, bonded prisoners Nazarbayev behind the people;
Nationalization of the whole earth;
Nationalization of capital and property of the ruling dynasty and court oligarchs.

Therefore, let us use this time to mobilize supporters, to launch a social struggle under various economic, environmental and civil requirements and slogans that will push thousands of people to action, to «spontaneous» strikes and actions, to self-organization in the workplace and at the place of residence. This and only this active boycott can expose in practice this farce of «early presidential elections», which was arranged for us from above!

The political Council of the SDK

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