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We continue to interview representatives of Communist and workers ‘ parties around the world, and this time we present our readers with answers to questions from the Secretary of the Communist Party of Iraqi Kurdistan (KKP), Kava Mahmud, about the state of affairs in his country and about the actions of Western imperialism. This party appeared in 1993 and operates in northern Iraq on the territory of the Kurdish autonomy. In their responses, the Kurdish communists noted that the United States is increasing the escalation of conflicts in the Middle East in its own interests, and the region itself has become the scene of a confrontation between America and Iran. The Communist Party also stands for a democratic solution to the Kurdish issue in all countries, based on the will of the people themselves and the right to self-determination. At the same time, the Communists note the increased danger from ISIL and Shiite sectarian militias, which can be countered by social policies aimed at creating jobs and improving the situation of the people. In addition, the Kurdistan Communist Party strongly opposes American military biological laboratories and believes that biological weapons were even used against the regime of Saddam Hussein during the 2003 invasion. It should be noted that the Communist Party of Iraqi Kurdistan from the very beginning supported the international campaign for the elimination of American military biological laboratories and expressed solidarity with the coalition.

It is noteworthy, but tomorrow Pope Francis is coming to Iraq on a visit, is thus speaking out against the war unleashed by NATO in the Middle East and in support of the countries of the region, conveying his position. Of course, the Communists are critical of religions, but such a visit is really interesting, since the Pope’s influence on Catholics in this region is difficult to overestimate.

Editorial Board

— What is the current socio-political situation in Iraqi Kurdistan?

— Iraqi Kurdistan suffers from many problems because of the bad relations between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government in Iraq.

The Iraqi government practices a demographic change and does not send the budget to the Kurdistan Region since 2014 until now. There are problems due to the existence of the deep state phenomenon and sectarian militias in Iraq. There is a Turkish incursion into the Kurdistan, as well as Iranian political interventions.

The security situation in kurdistan is more stable than Iraq and some area in Middle East.

There are internal problems between the goverment coalition in Kurdistan. The Kurdistan Communist Party is a legal party and we represent the left-wing democratic opposition in The Parliament.

— Are the results of the global crisis of capitalism being felt in Iraqi Kurdistan? Is there an attack by the capitalists on the rights of the workers?

— The Kurdistan regional government and the federal government in Iraq followed World Bank condition. The poverty rate in Iraqi Kurdistan within Coveid19 pandemic is 12%, and 40% In the rest of Iraq.

Privatization policies are continuing, and social security is below the international standard. Kurdistan’s economy is a capitalist economy and depended on the world capitalist central, that serves the parasitic and the bureaucratic bourgeoisie.

— During the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries faced the challenge of destroying the health sector as a result of the privatization of the social security system. What is the situation in your country?

— Health systems in Kurdistan is until now primitive. And there is no health insurance. in spite of measure to prevent Covid-19 pandemic thousands of people affected and more were died because of lack of services. Government hospitals have been designated for infected patients. Curfews have been in place for months. The vaccine has not yet arrived. There are ongoing attempts to privatize the health system.

— The people of Kurdistan have been subjected to years of oppression and aggression by the imperialist powers. How do you view the recent incursion of Turkish troops into northern Iraq and Kurdistan?

— After the First World War, the imperialist powers divided Kurdistan into four parts. We published several statements against the Turkish incursion. In general, we are against all interference in the affairs of Kurdistan and Iraq. Iraq has become an arena for the Iranian-American conflict.

— What is the role of the United States and Western countries in your region today?

— The United States of America is exis in the region to protect its interests. And the Middle East has become the arena for the conflict between Iran and America.

We support the solution of the Kurdish cause in Iraq and in all parts of Kurdistan within a democratic, peaceful and justic solution according to the free will of the Kurdish people, and we believe that such a solution is a guarantee for peace and development to the peoples of the region.

— Is there currently a threat from radical Islamists and ISIL? Is the Kurdistan Communist Party participating in the fight against these forces?

— The threat of ISIS and the Shiite sectarian militias continues. We are participating in anti-terror efforts.

We believe that targeting terrorism requires combating corruption, creating job opportunities, achieving sustainable development, combating poverty, and building healthy relationships between peoples in Iraq.

— Now, in many countries, the problem of biological security has become apparent as a result of the emergence and duration of the existence of US military biological laboratories. Similar objects also appeared on the territory of the former Soviet republics-in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. There are such laboratories on the territory of Iraq. Recently, we have been collecting signatures for the closure of these laboratories, and the Communist Party of Iraqi Kurdistan has also signed it. Now, four Solidnet parties — the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan, the United Communist Party of Georgia, the Socialist Party of Latvia, and the Communist Party of Pakistan-have formed a coalition to create an international movement. How do you feel about this initiative and what is the attitude of the Kurdish communists to such activities of American military biologists around the world?

— The Kurdistan Communist Party against the existence of biological laboratories that are used for military or bad purposes. We support and solidarity with all the communist and leftist parties fighting to protect bio security. In Iraq there are no such laboratories, but there are traces of the weapons that were used in 2003 by the United States of America to bring down Saddam Hussein’s fascist regime.

— Do you think that in the situation of the crisis of capitalism, the world is again on the verge of a world war because of imperialism?

— Capitalism suffers from constant crises. Recently the financial crisis of 2008, and the current crisis is the crisis of neo liberalism. Covid-19 delinquency and the collapse of the world’s health system is a crisis of capitalism. Capitalism is trying to solve its crises by increasing military expenditures, increasing trouble recourse and wars. This is what we are witnessing in the Middle East now.

— What are the tasks of the Communist Party of Iraqi Kurdistan at the present stage?

— The tasks of the Kurdistan Communist Party are to fight for the right of self-determination for the Kurdish people and democracy for Iraq, to defend the rights of labors, farmers, women’s freedom, gender equality, and defend political, civil and social freedoms.

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